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Four Simple Plans That Will Grow Your Practice and Medspa

Stick Shift Plan

Stick Shift

$797/Mo + SMS and Email usage

For Single Provider Medspas not needing EMR Integration

Typically: Single location with minimal Ad Spend

  • 2-Way Text & Email
  • Reputation Management
  • Social Planner
  • Missed Call Text Back
  • Text-to-Pay


Automatic Plan


$1500 / Mo

For Practices & MedSpas not needing EMR Integration

Typically: Single location with medium Ad Spend

  • $300 Monthly Credit for Text & Email
  • AI Booking Bot + Automations
  • Branded Content
  • Ad Reporting
  • White Glove Support
  • Proposals and Estimates

Push Button!

Auto-Pilot Plan

Auto-Pilot (EMR Integration)

$2500 / Mo

For: Practices & MedSpas requiring EMR Integration

Typically: Multiple location (2-3), multi-provider, or single location with Ad spend (less than $5k / month) – must have > 50 leads / mo

  • Automatic Lead transfer into EMR
  • Integrated Online Scheduling
  • Journey Triggers
  • Vital (ROI and Marketing) Report

Let’s Go!

Enterprise Plan


For: Practices & MedSpas requiring EMR Integration, AI Data, and Ads Optimization

Typically: Enterprise level with multiple location (3+), multiple providers (3+), or single location with high Ad spend ($5k+ / month)

  • Call Center Account
  • Practice Management Reporting
  • Marketing Procedure Specific Global Audience for Ads
  • Ad optimization

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